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Our Indiegogo campaign was 103% successfully funded!! I have no words to describe what it feels like to be supported by your community. For all of you who heard the call and have joined the alboroto: Gracias. This is just the beginning, esto es solo el comienzo, just imagine. 

Your support has helped us begin our recording process. There is a lot of editing, mixing, mastering and publishing left to go, but we couldn't be more excited. I'm going to keep saying Gracias another million times :)

If you would still like to contribute, consider getting one of our packages at the store or the our Indiegogo site

If you have already contributed, please check your inbox for updates and perks!

"The album is a cocktail of Afro Colombian folk music like cumbia, bullerengue, currulao, and porro sabanero with Jazz, Rnb and Soul. Mexican genres like rancheras and huapango have also had a major influence in our melodies and lyrics. A big twist has been the latin-afro grooves that make you wanna dance to the music"

The Mother

She embraces life and creates the perfect environment around her so that her descendants and community can develop, mature and create more life.

The Traveller

Human beings are nomads and we have been travelling the world for centuries. The Traveller is the essence of humankind and our need of discovery.  The Traveller is the blood of the world.

The Wisewoman

She is the vessel that conserves and shares ideas, words, songs, and music that accompany our evolution.

The Warrior

The Warrior exists within us as a profound wisdom that sees right and knows wrong. It is a wisdom that transforms itself into mental and physical strength.

The Healer

She is the witch that lives within us and is stirring the cosmos so that we listen and open our heart and our minds. She is the guide that helps us to discover the universe's secrets and our own healing power.

Cumbia, Alboroto y Mucho Corazón - Alea
Alea Music

Cumbia, Alboroto y Mucho Corazón - Alea

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