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Alborotá, is the latest single by Colombian singer-songwriter, Alea. This fine feminist declaration celebrates each being that identifies as a womxn. The word "alborotá", which means rowdy and which is often used as a negative put down, is redefined in Alea's song to signify empowerment. 

Alborotá describes Alea’s story, as well as that of thousands of womxn that have had to conform themselves to roles and expectations imposed on them by society. However, liberation occurs for these womxn when they finally break the silence on issues like identity, sexual abuse, and inequality.

When discussing her song, the talented singer-songwriter says,


“Being an Alborotá is an act of courage that transcends gender; it is being true to who you are and fighting for your dreams and beliefs in spite of what people have to say." 

The song, which is a tropical cumbia charm with a twist of odd meters, is an original composition by Alea under the production of Sinuhé Padilla Isunza at Jarana Records, in the Bronx, NY.  The empowering tune features violín extraordinaire, Luisa Bastidas, winner of a Latin Grammy for her participation in the album  Las Caras Lindas by the all-female mariachi Flor de Toloache.

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"Alt.Latino Looks Back At The Best Music Of 2019 - Alborotá was picked by Marisa Arbona-Ruiz in her top 5 Best Music of 2019."

NPR's Alt.Latino

 “When Alea gets on stage with her rebel curls, her body irradiating rhythm, and her powerful voice; music expands like a wave and floods every centimeter of the room.”

Mariza Bafile, Vice Versa Magazine

“Alea released her new single 'Alborotá', a tropical wave that not only trapped Colombians, but all the Latin community, and soon the world.”

Cultura Colectiva


Watch the making of

The video is starred by empowered and rowdy womxn and artists that represent the Latinx scene in NYC today. Another important theme that is present in the music video, is the reading of the tarot cards, which narrates that it is the time of the warrior and the womxn. The video was shot in Brooklyn and co-directed by Tobías Arboleda and Elyssa Bud.

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