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Alea Jiménez

Performer, Singer & VO actress


+1 (857) 869-9608


A Bit About Alea

Meet Colombian artiste Maria Alejandra Jimenez, also known as 'Alea,' a captivating figure in the world of art, music, and voice acting. Hailing from the vibrant town of Mushaisa in La Guajira, Colombia, Alea has etched her name as a remarkable performer, composer and artistic producer. Her musical tapestry weaves together Jazz, Latin, Afro, and Colombian Folk elements, giving rise to the evocative genre known as Latin Alternative.

Alea released a self titled EP in 2016 and her first full length album "Alborotá" in 2021. This last album was shortlisted as among the Best Latin Music of the year by both Rolling Stone and NPR. Her artistic journey has also led her to perform the Colombian National Anthem in 2023 at New York's City Hall. In late 2020, Alea extended her artistic prowess to the world of commercial music and voice acting and has performed as a principal in numerous projects, including MLB Bobbleheads, LinkedIn, Pepto, Corona Refresca, Google's Waze, Liberty Mutual, and Denny's.

With a career that's both illustrious and diverse, Maria Alejandra Jimenez, a.k.a. Alea, continues to leave an indelible mark on the global artistic landscape, embracing tradition and innovation in every note, melody, and performance.

Commercial Voice Over Reel
English & Spanish

Commercial Singing Reel
English & Spanish

Albums & Productions

Alea is passionate about a multitude of musical styles. From the sultry and folkoric vibes of Latin and the smoothness of Jazz to the energetic beats of Pop, Rock, and Reggaeton, Alea's prepared to take on the challenge. Tune in to some collaborations and self released albums that span across these genres and more, and feel free to drop a line about any other styles you're curious about. 

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Alborotá - Alea


  • Rollingstone: #16 of 35 Best Spanish-Language Bilingual Albums of 2021 

  • NPR Alt.Latino: Best Latin Albums of 2021

  • NPR Alt.Latino: Best Albums of 2021 


Lo que esconde La Tierra - La Mano de Parisi ft. Alea



Cangrejo Viejo - Patiño ft. Alea



Ya no te puedo querer - Sebastián Coloma & Alea



Café en la mañana - el Feeling ft. Alea, Patiño, Black Lyon, Luisa Nichols.



Alea - Alea


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