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The show

With a welcoming sound that embraces cumbia, vallenato, rancheras, pop and jazz, the singer-songwriter Alea moves her audiences with messages of the spirit, calls for social change and free-flowing love.


Originally from La Guajira, Colombia, Alea’s performance encompasses an entire generation of ethno-futuristic and folkloric music accentuated by buttery vocals, deep-rooted grooves and uplifting guitar.


Alea’s in-person performances are powerful encounters of the spirit, passionate travelogues that link downtown New York to a tropical Colombian cantina.


They are celebrations of Latin America and new definitions of what “Latin Alternative” can be. Her latest album, 2021’s Alborotá, was shortlisted as among the Best Latin Music of the year by both Rolling Stone and NPR.

Colombian born singer, composer and musician based in NYC. 

Alea was born and raised in La Guajira, Colombia before attending La Colegiatura Colombiana and later Berklee College of Music. 

Her sound combines her rich and diverse afro-indigenous background and her experience with diverse cultures and musical landscapes. 


Alea received recognition from The City of Boston for her contribution to Latin Music and is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Uncharted Music Series Residency in New York. 

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